Cheers to the Cleanest Skin You’ve Ever Had

Cheers to the Cleanest Skin You’ve Ever Had

We love makeup, we love applying makeup, we love we the way we look with makeup. However, removing it is an entirely different thing. Dear reader, I’m sure you can relate when I say removing an evening look off your face, anything waterproof or full coverage can be drag, to say the least. Well, we are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to our extremely soft yet highly effective multi use make-up remover sponge, removing your makeup has never been easier!

Not your average Make-Up Removers.

If you aren’t sold already, here’s some benefits to win you over. Our three in a pack multi-use Make-Up Remover Sponge is;

-Suitable for ALL skin types, even the most sensitive.
It’s seven times more absorbent than disposable cotton pads or cleansing make-up wipes so chemically infused you don’t know whether you are cleaning or sallying your face..
-Removes even the most stubborn waterproof makeup.

-No makeup remover actually NEEDED - just add water and wipe your daily worries off. Weather you choose to add some soap, cleanser or toner is entirely up to you, but also entirely unnecessary.
- Helps gently stimulate collagen production.

- Reusable easily washable by hand or washing machine for a more thorough rinse.
-Double sided, yet quick to dry.
In conclusion good for your skin, your budget and most importantly, the planet!

How to use:

As described above, our easy to use Make-Up Remover Sponge has a very simple usage and maintenance procedure. You simply take the sponge and remove your days make-up using circular, or really any preferred motions. Applying a cleansing liquid on the sponge is recommended, but not at all necessary. When you are finished removing your make-up, just rinse the sponge under water with soap until clean, let dry for 15 minutes in the sun and voila, good as new!

Save money and the planet.

- Pay once, use forever. This product is reusable and thus, pocket- friendly. It comes in a pack of three. Be sure that this innovative product is designed for maximum result while being entirely animal cruelty-free. At Hailey Beauty, we value an eco-friendly approach in everything, this product is a great example of how to decrease pollution and preserve the balance of the ecosystem.


Clean Skin Goes a Long Way

Make-up is great, but applying it on clean healthy skin is even better. So ditch those piles of ineffective makeup wipes and cotton pads and trust us when we say you skin will thank you. Don’t miss out on a skin changing experience. For more information, click here.

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